Open Positions for PhDs in Power Engineering at the Universidad de Sevilla, Spain

Universidad de Sevilla (USE) is seeking two PhD students to conduct research in the areas of microgrids, disctributed renewable resourses and power system stability.
The successful applicants will work with other team members in support of European H2020 program project EASY-RES (Enabling Ancillary Services by Renewable Energy Sources)
Research focus is on the following:
Electric and thermal dynamic modelling of DRES/BESS.
Development of DRES/BESS Converter Functionalities for Dynamic & Transient Response
Physical implementation of converter prototypes
Position Requirements
PhD candidates must have master degree or equivalent related with power systems to start the PhD studies,
relevant background in electric power systems or computer sciences/engineering with application in power systems.
Experience in modeling electrical networks with integrated renewable energy sources.
Good written and oral communication skills.
Willingness to explore new areas, and ability to work with others as part of a project team.
Preferred Requirements:
Experience with one or more of the following: power system dynamics and control, rapid propototiping and HIL simulation (e.g. Typhoon, Opal-RT, Simulink, PLECS), programming lenguajes like Python and Matlab, power system simulators (e.g.PSS/E, DigSILENT)
Contact Information:
Please send your CV to if you are interested in the opening.

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