Nano-material and Nano-biomaterials

Funding (My assumption from this link): Same or more than Japanese Govt. Scholarship/MEXT. ( 226,000 JPY/month [3 Years], Admission & Tuition fee will be truncated from this salary+ Not sure about Tax Inclusion) 

International Graduate Program (B) Commencing in September 2018 Overseas Application 【Doctoral Program at Tokyo Institute of Technology-RIKEN International School】

Tokyo Institute of Technology-RIKEN International School, one of the International Graduate Programs, offers a course of study in Nano-material and Nano-biomaterials.

This recruitment prospectus is effective for the Doctoral Program scheduled to begin in September 2018.

Admission Date: September 26, 2018

Number of Admitted Students: Several students

Type of Program: Doctoral Program

Application Period: January 22, 2018–April 18, 2018
(Preliminary Screening Period: January 22, 2018–March 31, 2018)

The main purpose of this program is to offer international students an opportunity to enroll in a Doctoral program at Tokyo Tech. Tokyo Tech only offers the September admission option for this program.

The academic supervisors will be both Tokyo Tech and RIKEN professors who specialize in the field of research of the participating students.

There is no Japanese language requirement for this program as lectures and seminars are held in English. However, students are given opportunities to attend Japanese language classes on a regular basis in order to better adapt to daily life in Japan.

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