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Bangladesh Computer Society
House # 519 (4th Floor), Road # 1,
Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka.
Phone: +88029677043
Mobile: +01753827949

The Bangladesh Computer Society is regarded as the leading professional and learned society in the field of computers and information systems in Bangladesh. It was established in 1979. The Bangladesh Government Register no -1638(53)/95.This is also a Sister Societies of IEEE Computer Society.

Aims and Objective
Objects: The Objectives of the Society will be
a. The aim of the Society is to advance professional excellence in Information Technology(IT)
b. To promote, develop and monitor competence in the practice of IT by persons and organizations and to be the spokesman for IT professionals at international level
c. To develop knowledge and skill of IT professionals in developing, application and maintenance of IT and IT related appliance i.e. to promote continuing professional development and life long learning process.
d. To make data communication easy and to develop public opinion on it
e. To help develop IT skills of IT related persons and organizations
f. To maintain and promote the observance of standard of knowledge of IT for members of the Society
g. To define and promote the maintenance of standard of knowledge of IT for members
h. To promote the formulation of effective policies on information technology and related matters
i. To extend the knowledge and understanding of IT in the community
j. To promote the benefits of membership of the Society
k. To promote the benefits of employing members of the Society
l. To arrange seminars, workshops. symposiums, and lectures to improve the professional skills of members of the Society
m. To increase the use and application of IT for public welfare, spread of education and development of knowledge.
n. To arrange applied IT education
o. To maintain morality of members of the Society and to monitor and maintain level and standard of IT knowledge of members of the Society
p. To look after the welfare of the members of the Society
q. To create and enhance the opportunities and status of members of the Society in the work area
r. To create employment opportunities for the members of the Society
s. To promote human network

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